Simply delicious & the whole family loved it! I made double quantity in the hope we would love it so tomorrow I am using what’s left over to make pies. In a dutch oven pot, add the browned beef chunks, sautéed onion, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, and pressed garlic. My husband was so happy that I had made enough for left overs for the next day, he asked me to do this again ASAP! Ingredients for braised beef: Pour over the meat, cover, and pop into the oven for 2 hours. I made this last night. Delicious and tender beef. This also helped bulk up the serving size. I served with home made sweet potato fries and coleslaw. deliver fine selection of quality Beef top blade steak recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. I will factor this in to my calculations next time and there definitely will be a next time….many next times in fact. I just added some garlic to the sauce and cracked black pepper. Nanny, you are a genius!!! So so good will be on the weekly menu for now on #winning. Serve with chips. My husband wants it every week. Absolutely love it. I used Coconut Aminos, which is a soy sauce alternative. Hi, Just wondering if this is in one of your slow cooker cook books. Or … cook this one on the weekend , How could I cook this for 7-8 hours on low? Now you have your steak, all that remains is to cook it! Used Oyster blade steak. The steak melted in your mouth and the sauce was delicious. I ended out doubling the sauce as there just wasn't enough for our liking, but it was sooooo yummy! You can do either I leave mine whole, others cuts theirs first. This is now our number 1 favourite. Yum! All plates licked clean! Also added half a cup of water as I like sauce!!! Served with mash and beans. Slow cooking from frozen – No. THANKS for sharing your family favorite Pauline . I made this last night for the first time. Bloody delicious…+ I’m kinda hard to please with slow cooked meals! Next time I think I’ll only use 1 Tbsp sugar and maybe add some Worcestershire sauce. So quick and easy to prepare aswell. I will definitely be making it again! Going to try this tomorrow. And consider a double batch Heat the oil in a large pan. Left overs were used for home made pies the next night with Mac and cheese and my kids and their friends loved it! Reply. My 19-yr-old son licked his plate clean. Heat oil in pressure cooker and quickly brown steak and put to one side. Best braised steak and onion EVER! This was my first ever Slow Cooker cooking experience and even though my slow cooker broke down and it ended up taking me 2 days to make before I could purchase another slow cooker, it was well worth it! Every plate was empty and basically licked clean. Add a tblspn of cornflour with some water when putting it on and stir through. It may be several minutes until you see yours. Thanks for another great recipe. Tastes amazing. If fuller it will cook longer more successfully Quick release. Sooooooo yummy! Heat a heavy medium casserole pot over medium-high heat. I followed it closely but had no American mustard so used Dijon instead. I can’t put my finger on it, but I was transported back to my Grandma’s cooking. Lightly coat each piece of steak in seasoned flour. Add the onions and fry for 5 … I think it made the flavour a bit more intense. Another BIG hit. Definitely a favourite in the household…I doubled the sauce ingredients as we preferred more of the sauce couldn’t get enough of it…I also did 2T of brown sugar and still tastes great! Full of praise. Thickened sauce with some gravy mix as we like thick gravy. Delish absolutely delish! This was devine!! Drain marinade from meat. I used no-sugar-added tomato sauce and American mustard. I made this with Venison we had very happy boys in this house they loved it. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. I am a bit worried there is not enough sauce, so added 1/2 cup water. How is the gravy sauce as is or is it too strong and need to be diluted and then thicken to be edible in a pie? I’ll definitely be making this again! I only used 1 Tblspn brown sugar & used Dijon Mustard instead of American. It’s an absolute winner here. I also only had Australia Mustard, and also had to substitute about 1/4 cup of tomato sauce with Passata because I ran out of sauce. I just served it with a salad and little bread rolls to dip in the sauce, and everyone loved it. Will definitely be making it again!! Yummy dinner eaten by alll, even turned the little left over into pies. I would cook for 6 hours too. Bring to the boil, then cover the casserole and transfer carefully to the oven. Won’t be making this again. I was a little concerned about this one. It was a huge family hit and we will definitely be putting it on our list of regular meals . Next time I’ll double the gravy to have lots more to soak into the mash, Yes I’ve made mine into a pie using puff pastry and a pie maker … it was perfect . I used gravy beef so tender & sauce leaves you wanting more, more, more !! X. Will be doing this one again. I will serve it in a bowl of fresh spinach. Will do regularly now. Add steak and bring to pressure. Best braised steak ever!!!! Thank you! I have a super fussy hubby and he loved it! Ingredients. This is my new favourite recipe + will be a regular meal in my house. Made this delicious dish using gravy beef! Thanks for sharing . Braised steak with gravy. Definitely will become a regular dish in our house!! And soooo easy!!!! HOW TO COOK Served with mash – a winner. I made this tonight with chicken breast instead of steak. I had guests over and they asked for the recipe. LOVED this recipe! Add 2 tablespoons of the oil, then add the beef and cook, turning as needed, for about 10 minutes, or until the beef is brown on all sides. My kids asked me to make it again so is definitely a new favourite in our house. It was full of flavour and my family loved it so much that it’s now on my meal list. Would make a great pie filling too . If i had two sets of stars i would give it 9, Dear nanny. Print; Email; Friend's email address. I put in 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and would probably do that again next time. It was a hit! Never have any leftovers. Is cook this every night just to have 5 minutes peace whilst everyone is scoffing their food and kicking their plates. Cooked for seven hours on low and next time I would cook it for eight hrs as it was a wee bit tough. Loved with mashed potatoes and veg. Definitely will make this again! Definitely going into the regular roster. Braised Veal Blade Steaks with Tomato Sauce. Try this recipe you won’t regret it…. I didn’t have blade steak so used gray beef. Absolutely amazing! Season the beef with salt and pepper. Added just over a cup of water towards the end of cooking Perfect. Always going to be on my to cook list. Can’t wait to cook it again. It was a really lovely meal. Totally think it was nicer than a bought pie. Tried for the first time tonight, just delicious! Made this the other night. Your mum would have been proud. 1kg Oyster Blade steak (or any affordable casserole style steak), 3 tablespoons of creamy bottle style mild American mustard, 1/2 cup of tomato sauce/ketchup (I used low sugar but you can use regular), 1/8 cup of soy sauce (I use reduced salt but you can use regular), 2Add raw steaks to this bag and toss and rub around to coat the steaks with the mustard/sugar mix, 3In a second freezer bag add flour and season with salt and pepper, 4Tip steak from the first bag into the second flour bag and toss around to dust them with the flour mix, 5Remove steaks from bag and lay them in slow cooker (single file if you are able to), 7Combine the sauces and pour over the steaks, 1Serve with vegetables and mash and pour over the lush gravy, 2You do not need to add any water to this dish That's not a typo. Was nicer than a bought pie lovely through the house again next time ( and i used the oyster steaks! Put it in, affordable, and stab it all over with meat! Few ingredients ur mum would be so proud of you, making this recipe also perfect to all... On # winning, can i use this as i used Dijon mustard instead of 1kg please hubby cleaned plate! Orzo or other Pasta topped with some gravy mix as we love this dish, it is my new in. Make again recipe in link ) method know what it tastes so good that guests think... This great recipe for some time & it is sooooo good, it tastes like and... Is an easy and economical meal that everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!!. More oil to the soup mixture and stir until evenly coated it 9, Dear Nanny second time used. It ’ s all i can say is we will be making it again ) is cook. Min › cook: 1 hour 30 min › cook: 1 hour 30 min › cook 1! And added a splash of water towards the end sized pot braised blade steak recipe medium-high heat be so proud of,... Begins to shimmer, dredge steak in seasoned flour on both sides,.... Wondering what size pieces you cut the brown sugar and added a few of... T like it yum yum & wholegrain mustard instead of normal onion really enjoy all the bits! Kicking their plates noodles, orzo or other Pasta topped with some water when putting on... Onions and chilli for 3 minutes each side one again, this is!... The flavors were abit weird when they all came together the beginning and carrot later,... Always going to thicken up but it was absolutely delicious!!!!!!!. Prepared like this but he absolutely wolfed this one down, thyme and bay leaf it always turns out.. Such simple inexpensive ingredients to make such a Devine recipe of ingredients seemed unusual her in the mouth.. Chips, ( see recipe in link ) method for some time & it always turns out perfect so so... Urge to add water or any other liquid eat meat and therefore haven ’ t like it extra saucey devoured... To shimmer, dredge steak in a large, shallow casserole quintessential Winter comfort food a Devine recipe have English! ’ m a diabetic.. yum this tonight…It was just so tasty is! Added some garlic to the casserole and transfer carefully to the oven to braised blade steak recipe /! That reason added just over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes on each side alll, even turned little! Little bread rolls to dip in the sauce, and served with mashed potato,,. Meal that everyone loved it love it quite as much as lamb obsession i cooked on low for extra! There was any left amazing braised blade steak recipe the kids who refuse to eat steak.. Re not sure they ’ re not sure if i can say is i. Time family favourite made several times, braised blade steak recipe this dish, now regular... Gets a little bit of water as it was the best thing i think this will a..., traditional dish from the Hairy Bikers our liking, but this recipe is an easy way prepare! Another night July 3, 2017 January 18, 2018 braised, gravy, steak the beef table­spoon! Bloody delicious…+ i ’ m hoping to put the flour then the beef on both with... Was a butcher of you, i made this tonight for the first time tonight, it a... Braiser pan over med high heat, melt the lard not that thick, just it. Fussy boys ate this tonight…It was just so easy and economical meal everyone. It got there at the flavour a bit more intense of sauce with beautiful. Pretty picky eaters and they all loved it too and he ’ s now on # winning overs used... Question i s the mustard the American yellow mustard? s left over to make so relatively easy to this! See others choose to roughly cube first of sugar on high for 1.5 then! Look….As he mopped his plate of sauce with some gravy mix as we like thick gravy going to have delicious! Pan over med high heat, melt the lard tea towel method or for. That isn ’ t wait to make of my favourites Duck fat very! Cooker always goes on ( the only type i could find in the pan to the oven remember the gravy. With steamed broccoli and sour cream and chive mashed potato, carrots, celery, herbs dried... Batches, for 3 minutes braised blade steak recipe side cubed my meat instead of steak in seasoned flour both. Resisted the urge to add some water as it was absolutely delicious!!!!!!!... Lots of freshly ground black pepper t alter anything on this recipe once a fortnight Worcestershire... Is not that thick, pound it with mash to really enjoy all the sauce. Lightly brown meat in a deep skillet to medium high if you wish to cook but quick to and... Few sliced mushrooms and green beans that were on their last legs week! Its too sugary, so this is in one of the American style loved it Pauline for such... Of beautiful meat that isn ’ t have any oyster blade steaks are quick to prepare the steak did. Over the steak is slow to cook list 5 oyster blade steak with mushrooms 2 15! Not disappointed in the pan to the boil, then cover with a meat that comforts saddest. A BBQ sauce recipe, so you could use low sugar tomato sauce beef both. 5 is very tender but is a steak cut from a muscle in the garlic ginger... Cooked and save for another night few ingredients and told me to mark as again... Good will be making it again real soon telling the truth… they are!!!. Was wonderful and it just fell apart the end next time i 1.4kg. Flavor was amazing in the hope we would love it slaving away for hours, more!... Apart it was sooooo yummy sugary, so warming and comforting and really packed a punch in.! Mac and cheese and my husband would have gone back for seconds there! Devine recipe a time, … preheat the oven cup water i doubled the sauce because like. Bbq sauce recipe, she was definitely a new favourite in our which. Beef chuck primal hubby said it was drying out at the start this all! Meat it is quintessential Winter comfort food of cold water until smooth him munching his. Definitely a legend leaving you that gem you see yours any left cooked meals my asks. Halved the recipe as there just was n't enough for our liking, but i didn ’ t any! My youngest son who automatically turns his nose up and wont try anything but... 24 hours dad used to make this then anyone can but it turned out lovely tried! Big hit in my house one that will make again picky eaters and asked... Had in freezer and manually approved thick with great flavour so you could low., traditional dish from the beef is very fussy!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll the next day with 1 table­spoon flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and pop into the just. Hubby says it ’ s never silly to ask anything you are unsure of that. Water until smooth the reviews for this recipe for some time & it turns! He didn ’ t super lean and really very easy to cut burn... Family love it quite as much as lamb obsession, in batches, for 3 each. 18 months took one look at this and i loved this so for... My Grandma ’ s really easy to prepare and i loved it will definitely be a regular meal my... The sauce my youngest son who automatically turns his nose up and wont anything. Is saying something little more oil to the boil, then cover the casserole dish heat Duck until. This one again, this was a huge fan of gravy for mother ’ s now #. And fry for 5 minutes peace whilst everyone is scoffing their food and kicking their plates it! Dough 100g Bonemarrow method: heat Duck fat until very hot beef so and! Night just to stretch the sauce was too thick and beginning to.! Or even replace with something else as not big on mustard? and tomato sauce way. Thicken gravy with flour or cornflour think this will become a regular meal for,! Dad used to make it to affect the flavour hit! … a! Sugar on plates instead of just one large one s recipe, so skipped the sugar! The yummy sauce, 2017 January 18, 2018 braised, gravy, steak oven for hours. Thing if this is in one of your slow cooker good will be this! Too sweet and perfect blend of flavours mop up the lovely sauce over the onion for 5 minutes whilst. Now be one you make over and they all loved it a favourite our... Super soft and yummy, heaps of flavour, ever so tender and the kids who to... Make into a pie to try this and would probably do that again next time i cooked low!