Why join OSL?

PrayingThe Lord has commissioned us to go into the world and heal the sick. Jesus taught and equipped his disciples for ministry. By becoming a member of OSL, you will learn more about Christian healing, how to apply this learning to real situations, and how to be part of larger, supportive community.

Studying and Learning

Those who are in the healing ministry know that to be equipped requires continual study and education through the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. Only when we are prepared can we be the best conduit for God’s healing love.

Applying what you learn

As an OSL member, you will have many opportunities to apply what you have learned about Christian healing to real life situations. This allows members to expand our ministry by learning from the experiences of others, sharing problems, listening, and praying together.

Community Support

We also need fellowship of others in the healing ministry. The OSL community begins locally and expands the globe. This community provides insight, encouragement, and opportunity to share and learn more.


OSL Members believe...

  • God’s desire for us is wholeness and health.
  • God uses many avenues for healing (spiritual, medical, and social) and each should be supportive of the other.
  • Healing was an important part of Christ’s ministry and is intended to be a part of His disciples’ work in every generation.
  • Christian healing is accomplished through faith in Christ and through subjecting our entire life to the scrutiny and counsel of God.
  • God works through humans to do His healing. We must make ourselves fit and willing vessels.
  • We must be supportive of one another in the various ways God chooses to heal – spiritually, emotionally, or physically.
  • Jesus Christ lives today and He still possesses all power on earth as He does in heaven.
  • The revival of Christian healing in churches today could be the means of the greatest advance of Christianity in this century.

Why belong to an OSL Chapter?

Despite all of these reasons, the question is still asked: “Can’t we have a ministry of Christian Healing in our church without OSL?” The answer of course is “yes.” Yes, you can have a healing ministry within a single congregation. But is this what Jesus has commissioned us to do?

Jesus appointed 70 other disciples and sent them on ahead of Him, two by two, into every town and place where He himself was about to come. And He said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Whenever you enter a townand they receive you, eat what is set before you; heal the sick in it and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ The 70 returned with joy saying, ‘Lord, even the demons are subject to your name.” (Luke 10:1-1,7).

Why did Jesus send His disciples out two by two instead of by themselves (see Luke 10:1-1-7)? In His great wisdom, He knew that a group of dedicated people are more effective than people on their own. He did this because shared ministry is lighter and alleviates the exhaustion, stresses and strains the disciples might have encountered. Partners support, help to learn, and draw strength from each other. They provide more responses, as each person brings his own contribution of talents and experience when needed.

Today, groups of dedicated people are needed for the same reasons. OSL provides this network of fellowship linking members all over the world. As OSL Members, we can work as a Body within a single congregation, but the purpose of OSL is to work with the Churches or healing centers – the whole Body of Christ. The purpose is to come together as a Chapter and develop the healing ministry in the community and nearby areas by providing healing events, regular healing services, and meetings. It provides a way in which all people can gather together to seek wholeness in body, soul, and spirit, and an opportunity to provide resource materials to all who seek more information on Christian healing.

OSL has wide acceptance everywhere with Chapters all over the world. It is a vital, vibrant fellowship of believers of all Christian denominations who have seen a spiritual awakening and renewal throughout Christendom, including the recovery of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ as a part of the normal life in many Churches. Through its wide membership, it is available in throughout North America and in many parts of the world to bring Jesus’ healing prayer to those in need.

How do I join OSL?

If you are called to be a participant, not a spectator, in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ as He has exhorted us, then join others with the same calling by becoming a member of OSL.

The first step is to apply for Associate Membership. The simplest way is to apply on the OSL website (CLICK HERE). You simply enter your information, select a Chapter that is closest to where you live, and pay for your membership.

A member from the Chapter you will join will contact you and provide detailed information about the Chapter and answer any questions you may have. The name of the Chapter Convener and Chaplain is also listed on the OSL website by Chapter, should you want to contact them directly. Or you may contact the OSL Office toll-free at (877) 492-5222.

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