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Empowering God's people throughout the world with Jesus' healing ministry.

Our Organization

   Under the leadership of the North American Director and an elected Board of Directors, OSL functions through Regions, Chapters and individual members. Regions cover geographical areas comprised of designated states (in the U.S.) or provinces (in Canada). Chapters are formed by members from one or more congregations in a town, city or area.


   For most OSL members, activities center in their local chapter. Chapter Conveners (leaders) and lay ministers are the heart of OSL and comprise the majority of our strong body of leaders. Each chapter is led by a Convener and/or a Chaplain. Chapters throughout various states (U.S.) and provinces (Canada) comprise a region.

   The Convener (or Co-Conveners) is the chapter leader who organizes the activities of their chapter. They promote and provide study resources and help develop goals and focus for the chapter, enabling members to learn through participation and observation. The convener also supports Associate members as they prepare for Full membership.

   The Chaplain’s primary role is to be a spiritual advisor to the Convener and chapter members in matters of OSL policy, program and teaching. The Chaplain should be an ordained member of the clergy as defined by the criteria of their denominational or non-denominational church. Many Chaplains actively participate in the training and development of leaders within OSL, conduct services of healing and officiate at services of induction.


   There are 14 regions within OSL North America which are geographically divided throughout the United States and Canada. Regional Directors report directly to the NA Director and are the Chief Missioners for their region. Regional Directors also oversee and manage their region, providing guidance and developing new leadership.

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North American Council of Regional Directors (NACRD’s)

   This council is composed of the North American Director, the President of the Board of Directors, the Regional Directors and one elected delegate from each region, to assist the North American director in planning and implementing the spiritual programs of OSL. The NACRD’s meets bi-annually at the North American Conference.

North American Board of Directors

   The OSL North American Board of Directors is composed of eight to nine members, which includes the North American Director, Board President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Directors is responsible for the corporate affairs of OSL in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, and our non-profit, 501c (3) status. The Board of Directors meets semi-annually and support and implement policy and programs as set by the members, the North American Director and the North American Council of Regional Directors.

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North American Director

   The North American Director (NAD) is the primary spokesperson and spiritual leader for OSL. The NAD implements policies and directional guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors and Regional Council as well as interacts with key leaders in the Christian Healing Ministry. The NAD works directly with the OSL Regional directors and through them, the Area Directors, Chaplains and Conveners.

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