The Importance of OSL in Our Time

The Importance of OSL in Our Time

By Rev. Paul Feider

For the first three centuries of Christianity, healing and deliverance were a normal part of Christian life. Acts of the Apostles testifies to the power of Jesus to heal even after he was raised from the dead. Through those who had a deep faith relationship with Jesus, people continued to experience his presence which brought healing. In Acts 3:1-16, we read where Peter says to the crippled man at the temple gate, “In the name of Jesus Christ, the Nazorean, walk.” Peter exuded the presence of Jesus in a way that cured the man he touched. These types of healings are recorded throughout Act of the Apostles.

If we read early church history, we see that such miracles are also recorded by church leaders for the first 3 centuries. Irenaeus, a father of the church, in his work, Against Heresies, gives testimony to seeing the same range of healings as were evident in the gospels and Acts.

Where have all the miracles gone? What happened to this type of Christianity? In his book, “The Nearly Perfect Crime” (also called “The Healing Reawakening”) Francis MacNutt documents the history of the healing ministry and the many influences which almost “killed” Christian healing: from the loss of the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a normative experience, to the influences of non-Christian philosophy, to the erroneous theology that God sends sickness to punish people, to the teaching that healing ended with the death of the last apostle, to the devastating effects of the Enlightenment which basically taught that the healings in the gospels never really happened and that Jesus is out dated anyway since we are now “enlightened” by science. MacNutt’s book gives us an excellent explanation of what squelched the healing ministry, but he also offers hope. He speaks of the ordinary people who continued to believe that Jesus’ healing power was present in the world.

From this story, we start to understand why it is so important that a group of believers like people in OSL proclaim Jesus’ message of healing and salvation. OSL has a crucial role to play in restoring the healing ministry of Jesus. Not only do we live in a culture in which Christian values are eroding, but we live in a time in the church when leaders have bought into the influence of the Enlightenment and no longer believe in the power of Jesus’ healing Love. I heard this kind of teaching in the seminary from professors who tried to explain away every miracle recorded in the gospels. I disputed their claims with my research and my testimony that I had witnessed many healings through prayer. Many students accepted the teacher’s words as truth. That is why some people get resistance from their pastors for offering healing prayer. That is why we sometimes get ridiculed for offering to pray with people. That is why medical personnel are reticent to pray with their patients.

And so I ask, who if not us, is going to challenge the influences which have almost killed the healing ministry of Jesus? Who, if not us, is going to proclaim with boldness and courage the message which Jesus commissioned us to carry to the world? Who, if not us, will accept the ridicule, the looks, the resistance, and pray anyway? Who, will take the time and make the sacrifices to learn about Jesus’ healing ministry and then minister as he did in this environment if we do not? Our OSL Chapters (Healing Communities) are vital to the restoration of the healing ministry of Jesus. We need to stand together in faith to bring the risen presence of Jesus to the many who are in need of healing. We must be clear about what Jesus did. We must continually re-commit ourselves to doing the same and invite others to participate in this awesome ministry. We must be compassionate as he was compassionate. We must nurture our faith relationship with Jesus so that people experience his healing presence when they meet us, even if we do not get a chance to lay on hands.

Our culture, our time is in great need of the healing communities of OSL. We must draw energy from our Creator daily and stay white hot passionate about the Love that heals and draws people into a saving relationship with Jesus. This is our God-given mission, and I for one am ready to face whatever it takes to carry it out. Thank you to all the people in OSL who walk with me.


Fr. Paul Feider has been ministering the healing love for over 40 years. He has written 5 books, led numerous healing conferences, and traveled the world teaching the power of God’s healing love. He has been a member of the OSL since 1996 and currently serves as President of the Board. your social media marketing partner

The Importance of OSL in Our Time

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