27th Healing Miracle?

27th Healing Miracle?

By Malcolm Self

One of my favorite duties with OSL is to facilitate the 26 Healing Miracles study every year. Even though I have done this many times, I still plan each lesson. By doing this, I often learn something new.

Several weeks ago, we studied Lesson #26, “Malchus’ Ear” (not Malcolm’s ear!). I generally study the verses in the Bible before the miracle and several verses after the miracle. The  verses that struck me as very unusual this time were Mark 14:50-52:

And they all left him and fled. And a certain young man was following him, wearing nothing but a linen sheet over his naked body; and they seized him. But he left the linen sheet behind, and escaped naked.”

This took place when Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. In every commentary I studied, each author had a different perspective on who the young man was. Some commentaries say that the young man was Mark himself; but that is contradictory to the earlier verse that says, “they all left.” Other commentaries say that it is a “symbolic” disciple who left everything to follow Jesus; and after Jesus’ arrest, he left everything to flee to safety. None of the commentaries I read resonated with me until I read an article by Pastor Rick Renner.

The key to understanding this unique story and identifying this young man lies in the words “linen cloth”. Every time the Greek word for linen cloth is used in the Gospels, it refers to the type of cloth that was used as a burial shroud. This same Greek word is used to describe the linen shroud Jesus was buried in. In John’s account of Jesus’ arrest (John 18:4-6), Jesus asks, “Whom do you seek?” When the soldiers and the servants of the high priest replied, “Jesus the Nazarene,” Jesus answered them by saying, “I am He.” Jesus released a huge power with the words, I AM. The power was so tremendous that it knocked down a cohort of Roman soldiers (a cohort is 600 men).

It is Pastor Rick’s thought that when the power and authority was released, not only were the soldiers knocked down but also graves were opened; and at least one young boy was released from the grip of death.

As the Gospel states, he was wearing his burial shroud, a linen cloth; and he immediately went to see who had raised him and what had happened.

To me, this is as good an explanation as any. I encourage you to read, study, and draw your own conclusions. For me, teaching Healing Miracle #26 gets a 2-for-1 healing miracle!


Malcolm is a long-time member of OSL, Director of Region V, and founding member of the Healing House, an OSL sponsored healing center in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Malcolm has been married 41 years to Donna Neal and has two sons.


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27th Healing Miracle?

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