Uncommon Chapter Meetings

Uncommon Chapter Meetings

By Ditsie Scobie

Our chapter meetings at Prince of Peace don’t look very much like the ones I attended when I first became a member of OSL in the late 90’s.  Back then our chapter meetings consisted of a prayer, discussion of what we were doing and books we had read.  All good things, but these meetings left us feeling incomplete – like something was missing.  So when the Prince of Peace Chapter was being formed in Melbourne, Florida, we asked God to show us a more inviting and interactive way of meeting.

Our meetings are now called Gatherings, a welcoming term for coming together, and we have an agenda that is open to change as the Holy Spirit moves.  Our time together opens with prayer and scripture, then moves to a discussion about some of the important things to remember as prayer ministers - that we hold the hearts of those we pray for in our hands, and that it’s so important to be gentle and respectful, and to love them with the love of the Father as we listen and pray.  We like to review our B12’s: be obedient, be accountable, be in the Word and prayer, be learning, be positive, be thankful, be forgiven, be healed, be open to God, be a listener, be one who blesses, and be infected with the Holy Spirit.

Rather than have one person do all the teaching, someone from the group shares something they’ve read that will help us grow as prayer ministers.  Some of our teachings have been on blessing prayer, the Father Ladder, Spiritual Warfare, trusting God, and Words of Knowledge.  We’ve had times of dreaming what God could do with our prayer ministry if we were totally open to Him and days where we spent an hour blessing our church, our staff, our congregation and each other.  We’ve had times of reflection about who we are as prayer ministers and what would be our most outrageous prayer.  We share prayers we’ve found that others might find useful and share insights from God’s Word that have blessed us.  We talk about our concerns, our success and our failures, and look at different methods of praying for people.  We’ve brainstormed ways to take the healing ministry out of the church.  We’ve had wonderful extended times of soaking prayer for each other.

One of the most important parts of our Gatherings is the time when we practice praying for the needs of our members. We discovered that some people are uncomfortable praying aloud when they first join OSL, so it’s our mission to help them be comfortable and to know some basic prayers they can use to get started.  As we share the prayers we’ve heard from other prayer ministers, especially those in the OSL, we let everyone have a chance practicing the prayers until they’re comfortable with them. It’s been really exciting to see our members get fired up about praying the prayer of command and seeing pain disappear.

Above all else, we love each other.  Hugs and words of affirmation abound when we come together.  We feel God’s Presence from the moment we first gather until the last one leaves the building.  Our Gatherings are a blessing to all of us, and we look forward to each time we get to join together as followers of Christ in Presence of God with the Holy Spirit as our guide.


Ditsie Scobie is a retired elementary teacher, primarily in Christian schools, and has been an active member of OSL for over 20 years. She presently serves as Convener of the Prince of Peace Chapter in Melbourne, Florida and Director of OSL Region 3. Using the tools of Beth Shalom ministry, she regularly meets with people to bring healing and freedom through the power and authority of Jesus Christ. The joy of the Lord is indeed her strength.

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Uncommon Chapter Meetings

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