Divine Absorption

Divine Absorption 
by Rev. Paul Feider

Spiritual revival is a great thing and it changes the energy flow of the people involved.

As humans our default mode is to work out of our own energy, but as followers of Jesus we are invited to work out of the energy of God. The power and authority to do healing ministry comes from union with the heart of Abba. Jesus’ ministry demonstrated that his union with the Father nurtured by his “often going off to be absorbed in prayer” gave him the power to heal and cast out evil. We have the same authority and power stemming from our personal union with Abba.

Spiritual revivals throughout history have happened when individuals took time to surrender completely to the will of God and allow his personal love to drench them. This act of surrender and infilling was often called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Order of St. Luke began because people did just that and allowed the Holy Spirit to empower them in their ministry. That power of Abba’s Love began to bring healings and deliverances which were not seen before. It started a whole revival of the healing ministry. This is the mission which we are called to continue.

In order to catch or re-ignite the fire of spiritual revival again, we must each absorb this revival energy flowing from the heart of Abba. This begins with personal quiet time just being in the Presence. Our Chapter gatherings are meant to foster this energy by setting time for absorbing the Presence as a group and inviting others to learn how to absorb Abba’s love. This is what Jesus did for his three disciples on the mountain of Transfiguration. He showed them the power of absorbing the Love which flows from the heart of the Father. He showed them from where he received his power on earth. Our Chapter gatherings first and foremost are for this purpose. When that happens, God’s mission for healing and transformation will happen.

To set an atmosphere for this to happen we must set a time, perhaps the first half hour of our meetings to do what I call “Divine Absorption.” That is the time when we stop talking to each other and just talk to God.

In a time when we are so used to hearing the latest news or telling stories, this practice takes some discipline and maybe some guidance from the leader, but it is worth it. This is a very important way to receive power and energy. As a preparation I would invite people to bring a scripture passage to read at the gathering. During Divine Absorption time, they were free to read their passage if they desired and then say a prayer. They would not say where the reading is from, (God already knows) and they would not say why they read the reading (God already knows). They would just read it and let God speak through it.

During Divine Absorption it can be helpful to sing a prayer song. By that I mean a song where the text of the song is addressed to God as prayer. (You may notice that many of our church songs actually just address the congregation. Those often do not draw people into worship.) Prayer songs draw people off of themselves so they can absorb God’s love. These songs help get people out of their head and into their heart where the deep transforming change happens.

When we intentionally take time to soak in the awesome Presence of Abba, we experience new energy and inner transformation. During this time of talking only to God, there may be long periods of silence in which people hear the voice of God. When this time of absorbing God’s Presence is finished people may wish to share what they felt and heard.

The energy received during Divine Absorption is the empowerment we each need for our personal and our communal mission. This is what we bring to our healing encounters. If we are running low of this energy, then we need to go back to the Source. Jesus taught his disciples this. We can read the story in chapter nine of Mark’s Gospel.

After his transfiguration, Jesus came down the mountain and there was a discussion going on about the event concerning a man who brought his possessed boy to the disciples and they could not cast out the demon. Jesus casts it out and then afterwards his disciples ask him why they could not expel the demon. Jesus tells them. “This kind you can drive out only by prayer.” They had prayed over the boy, but they had not filled themselves with the authority and power that flows from union with the heart of Abba. They needed revival energy. They needed to pull away as Jesus had just done and talk only to the Father, hear his voice, and absorb his Presence.

I believe that this is the type of “absorption prayer” to which Jesus is referring. It is this Divine Absorption time of God talk and God listening that we each need before we go and pray with someone.

We each need these revival moments. Our chapters need these revival moments if we are going to receive energy and continue what our founders started. We need Divine Absorption times where we can be re-baptized in the Holy Spirit and re-energized for God’s mission.

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Divine Absorption

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