by Rev. Hugh Bromiley

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All prayer is communication with God. But there needs to be a different focus at times. Healing prayer clearly has the focus of asking God to do a work of healing in the person you are praying for. The focus on healing is the primary expression of prayer that we use as ministers of healing.

Intercessory Prayer has a different, broader focus. Intercessory prayer is more the “behind the scenes” prayer. It addresses the foundation more than the immediate need in front of you. The importance of this cannot be understated.

It is God’s wish that His Kingdom is made manifest on this earth and that the ways of Heaven become normative in this world. Jesus taught us to pray ‘your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.’ God has paid us a wonderful compliment by asking us to take an active role in bringing His Kingdom to this world. We do this in many ways, but it really all starts with praying for Heaven to come to Earth.

I have heard people say, and you probably have too, “I don’t believe in praying for healing. Years ago I prayed for my friend’s mother and she died. Healing prayer doesn’t work.” However, just because we don’t get the result we want should not mean we quit. Millions of people around the world pray for world peace. Nobody has seen world peace yet, but that is not a reason to quit.

We pray for what is not, to become what is so. Where there is war we pray for peace. Where there is sickness we pray for wholeness. Where there is drought we pray for rain. Where there is doubt we pray for faith. “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1)

For our purposes as people called to the ministry of healing, intercessory prayer means praying for a culture of healing to be established. It means praying for a greater receptivity to the healing message, for a revival of faith and for doors to open that would help spread the word of the healing ministry. It means praying for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for signs and wonders from Heaven to become commonplace. The Order of St. Luke is one of the avenues that God has chosen to spread His healing work, and OSL should be a wonderful, rich, expansive culture of healing. This will come about far more effectively when the work of the Order of St. Luke is saturated in prayer.

What we in the OSL leadership are asking for is an awesome foundation of prayer to become the very soul of OSL. We are hoping for a rich current of prayer to wash through the Order of St. Luke at the local, regional and national levels. We are hoping that every member will participate. There is an urgency to spreading the healing love and power of the Lord our God. Hopefully we can get far beyond perfunctory, by-rote prayers and immerse ourselves in passionate prayers, pleading to Heaven to pour out grace and love, wisdom and healing and all the gifts of Heaven.

Some people feel a real heart for Intercessory Prayer. People of a more introverted nature often want very much to pray for healing, but find it difficult to step forward and to pray out loud for people’s healing needs. But that is not an issue with intercessory prayer, as it does not require going up to people and praying for them. Intercessory prayer may well be the principle path of the healing ministry for many people in the Order of St. Luke. This could dramatically change your own personal prayer life as well as the ministry of the Order of St. Luke. your social media marketing partner


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