Recommended Readings (Not carried by OSL)

Additional Recommended Reading List - (not sold by OSL)

1 The Healing Light Agnes Sanford.
This excellent book clearly instructs us in how to keep our spiritual channels open to receive God's healing power. Prayer, repentance, obedience, forgiveness, sacraments (including confession), meditation, corporate prayer & worship, sacrificial prayer, processing of grief, & support are all clearly addressed, using Scripture for reference throughout. Reading & rereading this excellent "handbook" is a healing experience in itself.

2 How Can I Find Healing? Jim Glennon.
This book practically & clearly answers the question of its title. It gives concrete, biblically based directions for personal & community healing. The theme throughout the book is "focus on God's promises, not on the problems." The workings of the very successful healing ministry at the Cathedral in Sydney, Australia are described as a guide (not a blueprint) for success.

3 Your Healing is Within You. Jim Glennon.
"A masterly work by a masterly man" says Agnes Sanford. The consistent testimony of Scripture & the promise in James that the prayer of faith will raise up the sick man are our reasons for believing that healing is a continuing resource in the church & available in response to faith. Glennon gives us both Pastoral guidelines & Scriptural understanding for a ministry of healing.

4 The Practice of Christian Healing, A Guide for Beginners. Roy Lawrence.
Mr. Lawrence believes that every church should have a healing ministry and the God wanted healing for everyone. He presents a method of group Bible study that is an excellent pattern for beginning a healing ministry in the church.

5 Healing (Revised Edition) Francis MacNutt.
Insofar as there is a textbook on contemporary healing ministry, this is it. Francis MacNutt has been a towering figure in providing a theologically balanced discussion of healing for today's Christians. In a thoroughly organized but readable way, MacNutt discusses the basic facets of the practice of healing ministry for mainline church folk. He clears away the thicket of reasons people don't believe in healing, what Jesus was really doing ("Jesus did not heal people to prove that He was God; He healed them because He was God"), the role of faith & love, & the four basic types of healing. Excellent & irreplaceable resource for people learning about the healing ministry.

6 New Testament Healing by The Rev. Peter Ostrander.
This book describes and applies the actual healing and deliverance ministry we find in the New Testament as practiced by Jesus and his early disciples, providing a biblical, Spirit-filled and clear foundation for our ministry today. Knowing why Jesus healed, how he responded to faith or opposition, and succeeded helps us do likewise.

7 The Prayer that Heals Francis MacNutt.

The following books are recommended for Advanced Reading:

1 Inner Healing Mike Flynn.
2 The Power to Heal Francis MacNutt.
An invaluable resource for those who minister in faith to the sick. This is not a book for raw beginners. It is meant to give deeper understanding to folks who have been in the healing ministry for a while & have some experience of praying for people. It is especially helpful in describing the now common practice of "soaking prayer", the power of touch in laying-on of hands, discerning your healing gift, the need to say "no" sometimes, the connection of healing prayer & death, resting in the spirit, & large healing services.

3 The Forgotten Touch: More Stories of Healing Rev. Nigel Mumford.
The healing power of Jesus Christ is real and continues to this day as witnessed by Father Nigel Mumford in this book - powerful true stories of modern lives touched, transformed, and healed through prayer and the laying on of hands, in the name of the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

4 God's Healing River Jack Sheffield.
This highly readable book is straight to the point, has humor and is a testimony to God's healing power. Eight signs are given to lead the reader into a practice of immersion in God's presence. Prophecy and spiritual barriers are addressed and OSL members can be helped to understand their place in the healing field. A list of questions for small group discussion is included at the end of each of the first eight chapters.

5 The Healing Touch, A Guide to Healing Prayer Norma Dearing.
This book stresses the need for our own healing and the ministry each of us have to others. Norma includes subjects such as emotional healing, the occult, unhealthy relationships and Satanic influences. A personal relationship with Jesus is the basis of the healing and prayers are included to enhance the Christian's life.

6 Spirit Walk, Meditations on Living Each Day in the Spirit of God, Joseph K Acton and Mary K. Curran-Downey.
The book begins where a lot of Christian people find themselves: a position of being lost, or in a muddle, and looking to God for direction and healing. The author invites the reader to think and discuss the dilemmas we find ourselves in and offers practical solutions. The chapters are short with anecdotes that show a progression to trust and commitment to God, an obedience to Jesus Christ, and a reliance on the Holy Spirit. The path leads from brokenness to fulfillment in Christ. The written prayers are excellent and there is a space for journaling that gives the reader ownership. The book encourages growth in the spiritual walk of the reader and serves as an excellent daily devotional for individuals or study by chapters.

7 Yes, Virginia, There Is a God Who Heals Today The Rev. Don Bartow.
Rev. Bartow writes his book in the form of e-mails between the author and Virginia. The use of the King James Bible Version detracts from the modern style of communication. Otherwise it has biblically based wisdom, spiritual encouragement, and direction, presented in a homey style. He answers Virginia's questions such as, "What is prayer?", "Which is more important: being healed or being 'saved'?", "Why is Laying on of Hands important"?, "Why aren't all healed?" Bartow suggests that when one looks for a church to attend, the question to be asked is, "Do you have a healing ministry and a ministry to the poor?"


1. Dare to Believe The Rev. Ruth Taylor.
This portion of an autobiography is an easy, inspirational book. Its examples of healing are by people who are often surprised that the gift of healing is so easily given and that they are part of the process. The principles of healing are connected to Scriptural references. Her Introduction to Spiritual Warfare is an excellent and clear explanation of what that means. She also mentions inner healing, the Schools of Pastoral Care, OSL, music and deliverance ministries. your social media marketing partner

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