OSL Videos - Learn about OSL and Christian Healing

videologoWe are pleased to announce a new ministry resource called "Journey into Healing" – a collection of free, informative and inspirational videos on a variety of topics; all relating to Christian healing and OSL. Each video is accompanied with study/discussion questions to enrich the overall experience!

Best of all, the videos are free to watch online – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Video Series: 

What videos are available now?

There are four videos currently available for viewing online. Each is a lesson focuses on a different aspect about Christian Healing. These lesssons are best viewed in order, but can also be viewed separately. They are presented by an OSL leader and accompanied by informative visual images. Thought-provoking study/discussion questions and OSL resource materials are also available to download. More videos will be added over time to address many more subjects!


Christian Healing - Lesson 1: What is Christian Healing?

Christian Healing - Lesson 2: Believe that God Heals Today!

Christian Healing - Lesson 3: How do I Receive Healing?

Christian Healing - Lesson 4: Spiritual Habits for Healing

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OSL Videos - Learn about OSL and Christian Healing

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