About Chapters

How Chapters are organized

Chapters are led by a chaplain and a convener or co-conveners. Often there is a secretary, treasurer and other committee leaders; as membership allows. It takes at least five people, including the chaplain and convener to start a new chapter. Because the order is interdenominational, the chapter may meet in a church or other public place. Chapters are not necessarily managed by the churches that sponsor them. Chapters are then organized into their respective regions. There are 14 regions, some with only a few chapters, and some with a long list of active chapters. Each region has a director to oversee and represent that region.

How to Start a Chapter

We have created a page that details many of the steps that are useful to starting a chapter.

Another way to start a chapter is to start a bible study on the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ as it is outlined in the Gospels. Participants join as associate members and receive the Study Guide. After completing the study, participants can decide if they are called to this ministry or not. (See membership page for forms and prices.)

Membership Opportunities

If you don't belong to a large church and are having difficulty getting a chapter started, you can start an OSL bible study group. The initial study is part of the new membership packet. You receive a handbook and outline for a six-month study. Many chapters have started this way. At the end of the study, the associates (you must join as an associate to obtain the workbook) will know if they are called to a full-time ministry of healing.

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