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How to upload a file to group page and send via Email to all members

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05 January


Step 1. From the "home" page you will notice a "login" in the far top left and bottom right side of the website. Log into your account.


NGV 435



Step 2. Now you will see "My Account" in the menu bar in place where "Join OSL" use to be.


NGV 280


Step 3. Navigate to the discussion board/group you want to post in.Here we are using Vancouver - Vancouver Chapter group as an example.

 NGV 603


Step 4: Create a new Announcement.

Title the announcement for the name of the document you want to reference, i.e., "BEBE Group 1 FAQs"


In the body of the discussion type a message: " Team, I have uploaded a document "blah, blah." To access, log onto this announcement and see the document in the right sidebar."



NGV 600


Step 5: Check the button that says "Allow Member to Upload File" and hit "Add Announcement"


NGV 602


Step 6: In the pop-up box, click "add file: and chose a file from your computer, then click "start upload". When finished, close the popup box. It will take a second or two before you see the file on the right sidebar.

*Only upload PDF's

 NGV 607NGV 608NGV 609


Step 7: Go back to Group page. Here you will see the new Announcement posted to the group wall along with the file that you just uploaded. Now copy the title by highlighting the Title Text then copy by either (Ctrl + C) or right click on mouse, select "Copy".


NGV 598


Step 8: From the group page, go to Options>Send Email to members.


NGV 596


Step 9: Place curser in content area and the paste by (Ctrl + V) or right click on mouse, select "Paste".


NGV 599


Done! Now send your email to your members. your social media marketing partner
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