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How to join a chapter group

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10 December


Step 1. In this demo we will select "Chapters" from the main menu, then select "Chapter by State/Province" from the drop down.


NGV 284


Step 2. The "GEO Locate" button will try to locate you by your internet access location feature. You can also type in your "City and State", replacing "United States". In this demo we did "San Antonio, Texas. Then select the drop down to choose a distance from "Anywhere" drop down box for your location to travel too. In this demo we did "10mi". You can also select "Category" if you like to see all the chapters within that category.

You can click on any of the "Bubbles" on the map. This will zoom in on that location for a closer look or give you details about that location. Give it a try!


NGV 286


Step 3. Now hit "Submit". You should see something similar to the picture below that lists the chapters within 10 miles from the location you entered. In this demo we have 1 result.


NGV 287


Step 4. Next you can see "details" for the chapter. If you click "contact" this will go to the chapters online group page, where you can join or contact the chapter administrator directly.


NGV 289



NGV 566

Step 5. That's it! You should have found you chapter and the chapter group page. If you find that a chapter is missing or like to submit one, please contact us at here.


Step 6. Another way of searching for a group is to go to your "My Account" and click on "Groups".


NGV 567


Step 7. You can also search for a chapter if you know the chapters name already. Just fill in the chapter name in the search bar, by clicking on "Search", as seen in the picture below..


NGV 568


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