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How to Register & Get a Paid Membership

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03 November


Step 1. From the "home" page you will notice a "login" in the far top left and bottom right side of the website. Both these areas have a "create an account" selection in blue. You may click on any of these or select "Join OSL" from the main menu.


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Step 2. Fill out the form to register onto the site. Once completed, you will be automatically logged in.


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Step 3. So now that you are logged in, you will notice a few changes. The far top left and bottom right of the site now says "Hello Your Username" with a "logout" next to it. The "Join OSL" has now changed to "My Account". Also The background image has changed as well, from a green hillscape scenery to a mountian lake scenery. The banners are also different with different information for free registered members. Now proceed to Step (4) to get a paid membership for added features.



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Step 4. Now you will see "My Account" in the menu bar in place where "Join OSL" use to be.

Click on the "My Account" on the top main menu bar. Here you will see your profile page along with your "My Account" menu on the right side. Select "New Membership", here you can select a new membership by region. You can also subcribe to Sharing Magazine and Donate to OSL as well.



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Step 5. Fill out the appropriate form and submit. You are now a paid member of OSL!


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Not able to login?

Q&A Why can't I login? Try using your "Member ID #" as the username. In most cases this is the issue of a failed login.

Why a username? You are now able to change your login credentials from member id to a easier to remember username. You are not required to change it.