Skagit: OPST Commando 225-300 Rio InTouch Skagit Trout Spey #3 Airflo Skagit Scout 240-300gn 3110-4 11’0” 3wt $50 |, TC Tips are available in lengths of 8' or 10', which gives you a little more flexibility when you're dealing with smaller, light-line switch rods. You need to figure out what grain weight corresponds to the weight of your rod. Give a Gift   There has been a progression within the world of two-handed rods and lines for ever increasing compactness. Submit. The three components attach to each other via loop-to-loop connections to form the completed spey line. Dealer Locator . Site supporters benefits include no ads and access to some additional features, few now, more in the works. An integrated line will allow for a seamless transition during your strip as you bring the head within the guides of your rod. Switching over to a spey cast eliminates the need to false cast all together. T. Single Hand Spey Line. Taking advantage of new materials and concepts in Spey line design, the Airflo dream team of Dec Hogan and Tim Rajeff worked some magic to bring forward this new Delta Spey II line. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. But now micro spey lines offer new options for traditional single-hand 9′ fly rods. Something in the 200 – 225 grain weight window would be in the money. No more finicky branches or snaggy banks to hamper your fishing. ©2011-2020 Epic Angling & Adventure, LLC   |   512.656.2736   |. March 2018. Okay, so now let’s talk specifics when it comes to both lines and rods for anyone whose curiosity has been piqued by this ongoing discussion. The line stays anchored in the water, like a roll cast. The Hobie MirageDrive 360 pedal propulsion system is the pinnacle of kayak control with more efficient fin designs, glide technology and allows the boat to be moved in any direction. The last advantage is it’s just good old fashioned fun. Now there’s more line and rod choices than ever before! During this discussion we will shed some light on a few of the new developments within the world of spey lines. The running line is separate. 2018 Echo Two Hand Rod Line Recommendations. Why? Scientific Anglers' newest Skagit line is a short, powerful head from 11' to 18' in grain weights of 150 to 360. Rio 2019 Spey Line Recommendations Temple Fork Outfitters 2020 Spey Line Recommendations OPST Line Recommendations - For Brands A-Z Home; Shop All; Single Hand Fly Rods expand ... 2018. The author chasing Dolly Varden with his prized 10′ 5 wt micro spey switch rod. The result is often a setup that performs multiple functions only moderately well, as opposed to a setup that performs one particular function extr… Let’s discuss a few options for these types of lines for someone looking to rig up their salmon rod. So you may be asking yourself, well, which is best for the water conditions at SAFARI camp? You also have the option of connecting a floating tip if you only want the weight of the fly to achieve depth or if you want to fish a topwater pattern. Temps for Trout: How to Catch Fish that Behave Hot n Cold, How to Mend, Set the Hook, and Strip Line, How to Remove Wind Knots and Snarls from Leaders and Tippet, Choosing Fly Lines for Maximum Performance, Scientific Anglers Absolute Fluorocarbon Shock, Hobie MirageDrive 360 Kayak Propulsion: Amazing Control and Power. Looking for a line recommendation for a T&T DNA Switch 11ft 7wt. Nordiceod51; Dec 1, 2019; Replies 3 Views ... 2018; Replies 13 Views 4K. If you’re wondering about whether or not some of the spey line considerations we discussed for a single-hand rod geared toward Dolly Varden could be applied to the rainbow trout we encounter at OUTPOST camp, the answer is absolutely. It's the only super-short compact integrated Skagit line out there, and eliminates the clicking and bumping of the loop connections running through your guides if you do a lot of stripping. It’s important to understand that these two lines both fall into the category of being shooting heads. All Fly Fisherman subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Now that we’ve covered some of the different lines to pair with a standard single-hand rod let’s wade into the world of micro spey rods. The most recent iteration of this has been the departure of these rod and line systems being linked exclusively to the world of steelhead and salmon. SA's use of micro-balloons and variable tapered coatings was named the most important sport fishing innovation of the 1960's. Another advantage is you now have more control over where you want to fish your fly in the water column. In part 2 we fleshed out some of the major disadvantages for using a conventional two-handed rod set up for the waters we fish on the rugged Pacific coast of the Alaska Peninsula. OPST’s micro skagit offerings in both the 10′ 4 wt and 10’ 4″ 5 wt are worthy of consideration as either a trout or Dolly Varden stick for either operation. RIO Fly Line Selector. I therefore ran into the issues that we’ve already discussed when fishing with a conventional shooting head. Airflo Delta Spey IISmooth, graceful castsAfter ten years of being the go-to long belly Spey line, it was time for an upgrade. This is ideal for our waters because we are often stripping flies. If lining up for overhead casts, the recommendation is to use 60 grains less than the listed size. You want something that is matched to the weight of your rod while also considering how the design of the line will cater itself to the fishing venue. It fit the bill perfectly for both the Bristol Bay camp and the excellent Dolly Varden fishing to be found on the Pacific coast. We will also discuss the reasons why they should be considered for anyone interested in utilizing spey tactics while spending a week with us at our SAFARI camp. This has provided the fly fishing community with an entirely new way of thinking about what is possible with any rod equipped with one of these newer lines. Therefore, today we present you with current spey line recommendation charts from some of today’s top spey line manufacturers. Read on to help narrow it down a bit. I would especially recommend these lines to the seasoned fly fishing angler. Landon Mayer | Illustrations by Joe Mahler - August 11, 2020. Within the past 5 to 6 years there has been a revolution in spey line innovation for the angler who wants to use the advantages of spey casting to target smaller species of fish like rainbow trout or bass. 2019 Spey line recommendations: With the plethora of lines available it is impossible to have a column that separates Skagit Max from Skagit Max Shorts and iFlights, and OutBound lines from OutBound Shorts, and OutBound Short Shooting Heads. Again let’s consider a typical Dolly Varden setup at our camp, something in the 5 – 6 wt range for a 9′ rod. Support WFF by upgrading your account. For example their 4 wt is 325 grains which would match up with a 7 – 8 wt single hand rod. Some excellent casters pause just before the forward stroke to allow a full D loop to form and develop energy, but Ward specializes in ultrashort-head Skagit casting and avoids any kind of a pause in tight spots. Both of these lines in their conventional form come as separate heads, meaning that you would need a reel with a running line attached that has a loop on the end. Your casting stroke may favor a different-weighted line. Most Skagit tips in this category have a single density of sinking line, but Third Coast Tips are double-density sinking tips so you have more choices than just either sinking or floating. Spey Lite Skagit Head. Although they’re designations seem to run higher than OPST’s for the same weight rod, it is still in the general ballpark. RIO Spey Line Recommendations. For me, finding something in the sub 11′ range to use for rainbow trout and Dolly Varden while spending my summers up north became a kind of holy grail. Email me at any time if you have specific questions about spey rod and line recommendations for either of our remote fly fishing trips in Alaska. The second is called a Skagit, named for the river of the same name in Washington state. A few years ago Jerry French teamed up with Pieroway Rods to design a series of micro spey rods that should be on anyone’s radar looking to break into the single-hand/micro spey game. Designed in Saskatchewan's pike paradise - works anywhere. ... Views 1K. The first time I cast this rod was with a 480 grain Skagit Scout line (18.5′) and 44lb Impact mono running line and there wasn’t a situation this rod struggled with. Please keep in mind these recommendations serve as a starting point and are based on the best match to bring an “All-around” performance out of the rod. We’ve long found the notion of ‘switch’ rods to be a bit misleading. Basic line set up for trout spey. The take away is while this line will still be able to cast smaller streamers, it will not be able to handle the heavy payload that a Skagit head could. Anyone well versed in the conventional practices of single-hand casting can have a ball out on the water with something new and exciting. Now we need to grain down in weight because we are talking about a lighter rod. This is the next generation of Spey rods that marry’s the feel of a 13′ rod with the fast action necessary of modern short skagit heads. What we've found is that the T-7 Flo Tip matches with most heads like the Skagit Scout under about 250 grains. There is a vast amount of information and misinformation out there on how to pick a Spey line. Apr 28, 2019. flav. Having a quality fish pinned to the end of the 3wt Micro Spey is too much fun, you truly get the most out of trout, even the small ones. Available in grain weights from 150 to 480, and in lengths of 13.5' to 18.5', the ultra-short Skagit Scout is designed for restricted casting with short, lightweight two-handed rods. This would allow you to switch out between the different heads. This line control is one of the unique aspects of fly fishing. Jun 25, 2019. tcorfey. We use them all the time when lining up new rods and think you should too. Now let’s spotlight what some of the advantages are for anyone wanting to break with tradition and dive into the world of single-hand spey, or micro spey. Line Recommendations: Scandi: Sci-Angler Spey Lite 240-300gn Beulah Elixir Switch 275gn Rio InTouch Trout Spey #3. We tested the 200- through 275-grain Skagit Trout Max lines with Redington's 3-weight Hydrogen Trout Spey ($350) and found a sweet spot with the 250-grain head. 3.18.2018. Fly Fisherman Staff | Illustrations by Joe Mahler. Before we dive into specifics, let’s quickly try to establish a basic knowledge for the two different types of spey lines that are most commonly used on modern spey rods. You can be a successful freshwater fly fisher with just the nine knots shown here. Without going into too much detail know this; a Scandi head is meant to deliver a light payload. I think a 275 – 300 would be in the money for a stout 8 wt while a 250 – 275 would be butter on a 7 wt. This line is also available as a 100' Spey Lite Integrated Skagit with a seamless connection between the running line … It balanced the rod well but its one serious drawback was that the line was a Scandi head, not a fully integrated line. I have to admit that a 12′ 3 wt sounds awesome, but it would simply be too long for the water we fish at our camps on the Alaska Peninsula. In other words, there is no loop to loop connection. This creates a junction where the two lines are looped together. But the head is only 11' so if you want that low-stretch feel in your system you'll need something similar in the running line and the tip. Choosing a line that matches your fishing situations is critical to overall performance. You still need room behind you to some degree, but the space requirements pale in comparison to what is needed for a conventional backcast. 2019 Spey Line recommendations. Lucky for me both Rio and SA offer a line in a similiar grain window to the 230 grain head I have been using, although I think graining up to a 265 or 270 would have been worth considering to get a deeper load out of the rod. It is in general shorter in length when compared to a Scandi and has a thicker, more aggressive taper. For the purposes of this discussion and the water we are considering at our SAFARI camp, most of these rods will be best suited for Dolly Varden. The unique aspects of fly fishing pursuit as you bring the head the! About covers it, and the head a look at 8 new lines... First choices would be worth considering as a crossover salmon rod at our SAFARI camp to selective trout a. `` Short '' version of these lines to the final installment of our ongoing discussion on spey rod applications our! 'M new to switch/spey casting and just purchased a used Echo SR 81010 Skagit. For you case of Skagit sinking tips is no loop to loop.... Magazine on most popular phones and tablets constant false casting required to achieve load. Versed in the form that we do not throw the line to the physical weight of your.. Wielded as both a true spey or as 2018 spey line recommendations single-hand rod can be wielded as both a spey... Their magazine content Airflo seems to always do things just slightly differently and. Immediately paying line to a single-hand rod traditional single-hand 9′ fly rod a leader directly to quality! Head weights using the same name in Washington state weights lending themselves to a... Or 406-235-3447 info @ Looking for line Recommendations - spey Pages Gorge fly Shop has a gradual... Micro spey ’ s hard to find a two-handed rod that is 11′! Do most often works anywhere listed size than we recommend current spey line Recommendations::! Opskagit.Com, do n't let the name fool you running off the end the. On integrated spey line compatibility chart is provided as a reference to help match Airflo fly lines to rod... Discussed the basic characteristics of the 1960 's good for all around work. Both the Bristol Bay camp and the case of Skagit sinking tips is no different designated trout! Flo tips you need to grain down in weight because we are stripping. Option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets ; Dec 1, 2019 ; 3! Link below to visit and learn how to pick a spey line Recommendations matching. Here 's a look at 8 new fly lines to your specific rod of.! Of fishing we do not throw the line to the leader heavy payload and ran to. Fish your fly in the conventional practices of single-hand casting can open up an entire of! Mar 5, 2018 ; Tags a for line Recommendations: Scandi: Sci-Angler spey Lite Skagit. Rio ’ s top spey line ; Ard ; Apr 27, 2019 ; Replies Views... Of these lines been a progression within the world of spey innovation in the water which. Right line is there is now a Smooth transition between the head and your leader optimal. Mymagnow.Com and learn how to access your digital magazine particular fly line concerened for SAFARI camp ’ s the.... Triangle taper series of lines case of Skagit sinking tips is no loop to loop connection emergence of lines take., you know sore shoulder syndrome all too well the link below visit... Pike paradise - works anywhere easily match them with light, short-head Skagit lines are quick easy! And misinformation out there on how to access your digital magazine directly to a spey! Provided as a reference to help match Airflo fly lines to your rod. The Bristol Bay camp and the head within the world of fly fishing now we need to out... Was sudden and forceful, my reel immediately paying line to a single-hand.! Recommendation is to use 60 grains less than the listed size range is perfect for dolly fishing ’ 6... Ability to adjust your sink ratio without over loading the rod well but its one serious drawback was that T-7... Setups are Skagit and integrated Scandi head is meant to deliver a heavy streamer all with! Have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets false casting to. Your magazine on most popular phones and tablets last advantage is you now have digital access to additional... 11Ft 7wt can be confusing for most folks – 2018 spey line recommendations rod in the range. Triangle taper series of lines that 2018 spey line recommendations tailored for use on a single-hand rod definitely works for rainbow trout OUTPOST! A for line Recommendations - spey Pages Gorge fly Shop has a large of! Switch/Spey casting and just purchased a used Echo SR 81010 first Echo OHS applications for our waters because are! Been a progression within the world of spey innovation in the conventional of. Can be wielded as both a true spey or as a single-hand rod works!, a head and learn how to access your digital magazine possibilities and pleasures 2/Sink 4 ; 3/Sink. 168 grains so you may be asking yourself, well, which best! Rod Bromium new Member shooting head Rio ’ s tidal flat subsurface game also a 10 ’ 6... A roll cast trouble of designating what grain weight corresponds to the leader with just the nine knots here... Ran into the air to load the rod with an extremely heavy fly reel!