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OSL Leadership

Leadership resources in the Order of St. Luke the Physician

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Chapter leaders and lay ministers are the heart of OSL and comprise a strong body of leaders. Each chapter is led by a Convener with a Chaplain. Groups of chapters throughout various states make up a Region and that Region is led by a clergy person called the Regional Director. The Regional Director is supported by leaders from the individual chapters. The North American director is the administrator and spiritual leader for all regions in Canada and the United States.

The Convener's Role

The Convener, or the co-Conveners, are chapter leaders who organize the activities of the chapter. They promote and provide study resources and give focus to the chapter in terms of its goals. He or she works out active programs of teaching the healing ministry and provides ways for the members to learn through participation as well as observation. In addition, the Convener supports associates as they prepare for full membership and makes arrangements for their inductions.

Responsibilities of the Convener include:

  • Notifying members of upcoming meetings and events. Notification to area churches with bulletins, e-mail, telephone calls, postcards or newspaper announcements. Invites various church congregations to attend meetings and participate or receive prayer for themselves or others.
  • Promoting the OSL by reaching out to the community through healing services, missions, retreats, workshops or other events.
  • Encouraging personal healing ministries for chapter members, such as visiting the sick, taking Communion to the ill or infirmed and providing prayer ministry for physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Included may be other ministries such as serving as volunteers in prison ministry, as lay hospital chaplains, and in other community service.
  • Meeting with Conveners of other chapters to exchange ideas about chapter and OSL activities and possible cooperation with missions or other events.
  • Overseeing the records of the chapter, storing documents passed down from former chapter leaders, maintains or opens back accounts as needed and keeps the chapter informed of chapter finances. (A Treasurer can assume this responsibility in a larger chapter.)
  • Maintaining membership lists. Notifies the Convener liaison of changes in the chapter's chaplain, Convener, or member mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. (Also supplies chapter information to the webmaster.)
  • Establishing OSL junior or youth groups.

The Chaplain's Role

The chaplain's primary role is to be a spiritual advisor to the Convener and members of the chapter. Many chaplains actively participate in the training and development of leaders within OSL. Others give the lay ministers a great deal of authority and leadership. Chaplains also conduct services of healing, officiate at services of induction and serve as the spiritual advisor for a chapter in matters of policy, program, and teaching. A chaplain must be an ordained minister who is a member of OSL in good standing, an acknowledged leader of spiritual, moral, and intellectual character, a Chaplain's mind and will must be centered in commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior, Healer, and Divine Son of God, and who accepts the "Basic Concepts of Christian Healing " as set forth by OSL in the Handbook.

The Director's Role

Note: Warden means "watchful guardian" and has been used for many years to indicate our leaders. We call our National and Regional leaders Directors as of January 2005.

The objectives of OSL are to bring about, among the Christian denominations, clergy, medical personnel, and lay people, an increased understanding of spiritual healing and wholeness as an essential part of the teaching and practice of Jesus Christ as set forth in the New Testament, and to encourage believing Christians to understand that all believers may have an active part in Jesus' healing ministry.
 Candidates for Regional Director shall be nominated by the Council for that Region and elected by the members of OSL in good standing who reside within that Region. . . . Upon election, Regional Directors become members of the North American Director's Council. A Regional Director can be ordained clergy or a layperson who has been active as a Full Member of OSL for not less than the preceding three years, an acknowledged leader of spiritual, moral, and intellectual stature, whose mind and will are centered in commitment to Jesus Christ, Savior and Healer, Divine Son of God. The Director shall be inducted into office at an Annual Meeting by the laying on of hands of Regional Directors, in the name of Jesus Christ.
The term of office shall be three years, a Regional Director may be re-elected once for one term. After a lapse of two years, a previous Regional Director shall again be eligible to serve again. A Regional Council shall be formed to help in the work, and to plan a Regional Conference and business meeting. A Regional Director shall take office one month following the Regional election, or at the next Regional Conference following the election, whichever shall occur first.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Regional Director shall be primarily responsible for spiritual policy and leadership, which includes:

  • As Chief Missioner for the region, conducting healing missions at large, and to promote the work of OSL throughout the region.
  • Setting policy to meet the objectives of OSL
  • Developing leadership
  • Arranging for the preparation of teaching and training materials
  • Appointing and reappointing missioners (clergy and lay) and to provide for their training
  • Encouraging healing conferences and to spread the teachings of OSL
  • Planning missionary outreach into areas untouched by OSL
  • Planning denominational outreach by appointment of denominational representatives, or in such other ways as are appropriate, and by providing promotional materials
  • Providing guidance for Chaplains and Conveners through a quarterly newsletter, or other means that are appropriate
  • Authorizing appointment of ordained ministers who are members of OSLr to serve as Chaplains (Nonmembers may be appointed Acting Chaplains until they qualify and are inducted into Full Membership.)

In addition, the Regional Director shall:

A. Oversee the election of one delegate to the North American Director's Council, clergy or lay, for three year terms, so arranged that the Regional Director and the delegate are elected for different terms. Ballots for Regional Director and for delegate to the North American Director's council shall provide for more than one candidate for each vacancy to be filled. Elected delegates to the North American Director's Council shall take office at the Annual Meeting following their election.

B. Govern the region along with the Regional Council, which shall include the elected delegate to the North American Director's Council plus a representative from at least four chapters within the Region. Regional Directors and Regional Councils do not have the authority to incur financial obligations in the name of the Corporation. Regions and Chapters may not use the North American OSL's Federal Tax Identification Number.

C. Each Region is to seek to fulfill the objectives of OSL, cooperating with neighboring Regions when feasible. Missioners from without a Region, when sponsored by OSL, should have the approval of the Regional Director.