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OSL News

Members: How do I login for the first time?


Getting Started

We are happy to announce the launch of the new OSL Web site! The next step in bringing the OSL community together as an organization and bringing God’s healing to those in need. Ready to get connected, but don’t know how to start? It’s easy, find your Sharing Magazine then follow these steps and you’ll be logged on in no time!

Step #1: Locate your member number
If you don’t remember your OSL membership number, just turn to the outside cover of your Sharing Magazine. Look at the area where your name and address is printed for mailing. In the upper left hand corner you will see a series of numbers. That is your member number. If you don't have a Sharing Magazine, or you don't know your member number, please contact the OSL office at (877) 992-5222.

(Please note: your member number should always have 5 digits, and when logging in you should always include the leading and trailing zeros. For example, if your member number is 1234, you should log in with 01234) 

Step #2: Log in
In the far right hand side of the web site, you’ll see the login area. Type your member number in the assigned location. To locate the password look in your most recent version of Sharing magazine. There will be an article with instructions on how to login that will list the one word password to use. After entering in the password, click the ‘Submit’ button or press ‘Enter’. Congratulations! You’re logged in!

Step #3: Change your password
After logging in for the first time, the screen will change to the one shown. Now you’ll want to change your password for added security. The passwords are case sensitive so be careful to write it down and put it in a safe location. Enter your new password in the assigned location. 

Step #4: Review your contact information
Now is a great time to take a look at your information and make changes or updates as needed. First, review or enter your email address, then click on ‘Name and Address’ and make the appropriate updates. This is the mailing address that your Sharing Magazine subscription will be mailed to, so make sure it’s correct. 

Step #5: Join your chapter
The ‘My Local Chapter’ block located in the right column will show which chapters you have joined. To browse all available chapters click the ‘view all chapters’ link or click on the link to ‘join a chapter’. Look through the Chapters listed. Select the name of your Chapter and press ‘enter’. If your Chapter is not listed, you will need to contact your Convener to have them add the Chapter before you will be able to be added to your Chapter.

Step #6: Check membership status
While logged in, your ‘Membership Information’ block will always show your member number and how long until your membership expires. If your membership is about to expire, you can renew it online with a very safe and secure online transaction. Click on ‘renew membership’ and follow the steps. Be sure to have your credit card available to complete the transaction.Need help?

For technical questions (web site won’t allow you to log in, can’t access the calendar, how do I add a Chapter?, etc) contact Richard Triplett at richard@latoth.org. 

For informational questions (Can I pay by check? Is my membership active? etc) contact the OSL Business Office at (210)492-5222 or toll-free at (877) 992-5222, osl2@satx.rr.com.

Talk to other OSL members who have successfully logged in or your Chapter Convener for guidance.  

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